What love means to different people – An interview on what individuals are seeking for in their partners


That intoxicating feeling that draws you to that person.

That magnetic pull that simply pulls you into their force field like a hurricane.

Yet love means different things to different people as a result of their exposures, life experiences, their unique tribes, personalities, temperament, and general disposition to life.

We decided not to go with a blanket meaning of love- rather we asked different people (from quirky to normal) to express what that (love) would mean to them:

  • I don’t want to stress in life. Love means spoiling me rotten, pampering me with the best things of life (living the baby girl dream)         Amaka
  • Love for me is thoughtfulness, courtesy, kindness and generally having a good support system. In other news, it is having my own personal cheerleader if you know what I mean         Jones
  • Sharing quality time; being heard, listened to & feeling understood (without being judged). Being on the same wavelength that makes me feel I am with the right person, at the right place. Now that is love for me.          Timi
  • I don’t mind a lady spending on me (spoiling me silly).  RJ
  •  Gimme some sista with good money mastery, very financial savvy and I am in looooove (lust).   Being able to diversify her income & manage funds (money management) judiciously will always burst my brain. If she can be telepathic join (I no dey like to talk too much, so if we can read each other’s mind at some point into our relationship, that will be great), I don ready to meet her parents be dat.  Understanding each other’s body language too. The complete trifecta does it for me – book smart, money savvy & street smart!  Richie
  • Love is having a good support system, through thick and thin.   O
  • Love is a ‘full-breasted’ (one that won’t fit into one palm) lady for me. That’s all. Other things can be taught and added to her as we go on. A case in mind is: I had 2 ladies I was dating. I gave both of them N500k to do as they wish with as a test. Lady A– She decided to use her N500k to buy me new clothes because she lovingly thought my wardrobe could take some overhauling/facelift; really sweet girl. Lady B– She started a business, one that she had always wanted. So which of these ladies do you think I should have fully settled with after that test?  Reach out to me in the comment section if you care to know the one I eventually went for.     Mr. A
  • Love is a powerful force that connect people and drives their set of actions. A couple of times I have been at cross roads — I felt the whole world should come to an end. In this state of little hope, my partner reminded me of my lofty ambitions and how I conquered previous challenges. Instead of leaving me to fate, she encouraged me and gave me strategies to overcome the challenges — we eventually laughed over those issues. Gary
  • For me, romantic love must come with peace of mind, ability to complement each weakness, and of course, forgiveness.              SA
  • Love means a lot of things to me & I like to express it, same way. Love means:
    • Making me your No. 1 priority, after God
    • Make what’s important to me of importance to you
    • If you love me, you should be proud of me before your family & friends.
    • Be willing & ready to show me off to everyone that’s important to you            Oba

No matter who you are, and what love means to you, you only have to be open minded enough in your search to find someone who aligns with your expression & expectations of love.

You own brand of love is out there, so keep the hope alive.

Have fun in your search for love!!!

Tosin Aregbesola

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