First date

So you have finally reached the speaking stage, a good opportunity to find out whether or not you want to continue a relationship with this person. First dates aren’t just great for flirting and having fun, there are many things to wear on first dates and where to go. This makes you think of the amazing conversations you can have with your date.
You don’t want to ask awkward questions on your first date, so here’s a list of ready-to-use questions you haven’t thought of, and answers from people around the world:


1. What age or year did you prefer while growing up?
You get your date to provide you a direct glimpse into their past.

Most people love to talk. When you have someone genuinely interested in listening, both of you can enjoy retelling a favorite childhood memory. With nice conversations, hopefully you get a better perspective on them and what they appreciate.

“My favorite year when I was young was in my 20s, I had a lot of free time, I had the opportunity to take control of my life”
Jay, Germany

‘Interestingly, I enjoyed my elementary school.
When I was five and had a little brother in kindergarten, I loved to see how he was doing in class. One day his aunt told me not to come because it was a distraction. That day, I was sitting on the stairs in front of his class and crying. That’s how much I enjoyed having a baby with me! ‘
R, Ogun state, Nigeria

2. What do you really want to try?
If you know their greatest dream, there is a lot you can say about a person. It’s also another chance to see where your date’s interests and priorities lie, and hopefully align with yours!

“Take a trip to the moon.”
Cynthia, Lagos, Nigeria

“Go on a cross country trip with a group of bikers”
Tamara, Kenya

‘A trip where I can visit at least 3 different countries (or more) at the same time and get to know their different foods and cultures.’
Omo, Lagos, Nigeria

3.What is the best way to spend your free time?
It tells you about their hobbies and interests, it shows you if you are a workaholic or who are taking the time to enjoy life, they tell you if you are someone who likes to be with loved ones or not.

So this question can shed some light on who they are and if it is someone you want to spend more time with. You won’t reveal everything, but you will learn if you will ever like it.

“I love doing fun things, trying new food recipes, binge watching, hanging out with friends.”
Toritseju, UK

“I will most likely get caught reading a book if I am not cooking”
Tosin, Dubai

“I am always chasing the next adventure (my next high) with traveling, discovering food, hanging out with friends”

Dan Ireland

4. Are you a person who likes cats or dogs?
It’s also a great way to find out if they have pets. If you have allergies to animals, or just have a strong preference for pets, this can be very useful information. From now on you will know better what is best to send you. / them while chatting.

‘Pets scare me’ H, Kogi

‘I love, love, love dogs. If you’re not a fur lover, we can’t be close friends. ”
Kim, Canada

In some ways, it’s always best to start the conversation on a first date with a smile and a sincere compliment.

Show good manners and honesty, do not ask too personal questions; Stick to asking exactly what interests you personally, because only then will you know whether this person suits you or not. You don’t have to think up questions in advance, they are naturally displayed.

Happy meetings and conversations, cheers!

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