Pretty lady, go ahead- Shoot your shot. Pick-up lines to sweep him off his feet (2)

Pretty lady, shoot your shot-Betterhalfng

We started a series last week on how ladies shouldn’t be crushing on guys in silence.

We explored some pick-up lines that can serve as ice breakers to ease them in; Here are some further lines that can ensure you snag his attention:

  • Oh, by the way, I am wearing that smile you gave me.

You can thank us later if you have never seen a boy blush this quickly before. If he truly has a beautiful smile, you will definitely get another one now.

  • You owe me a drink. Dropped mine while checking you out!

This comes in handy when you are out with your friends in a bar/club/lounge and a cute handsome guy in the corner has all your attention. With this line up your sleeves, you no longer have to think twice about what to say.

  • I am lost. Can you give me directions to your heart?

This is a funny and sneaky pick-up line to warm up a conversation with an Hercules, who has your eyes at a party. Try it out. 

  • Are you a blanket? Cause you make me all warm.

Depending on the situation at hand, if it’s a weather for 2, just say or text it to a guy, his heart will melt away instantly.

  • Call me a thief ‘cause I want to steal your heart.

Showing your flirty side with this super-cheesy line, is not a crime under the law…nobody is going to arrest or judge you. We promise! 😁

  • Are you a dictionary? Cause you are adding meaning to my life.

This line works for a friend who you are about to elevate from the friend-zoned pit to boyfriend status. This is because you value his place in your life. 

  • I did not know what I wanted in a man until I saw you.

This is absolutely a ‘finisher’; fans of Mortal Kombat will call it Brutality & Flawless victory. This because men love their egos massaged, a compliment as good as this one could catapult you to the Alter.

  • You know, your smile has been lighting up the room all night, and I just had to come and say hello.

They say a smile is contagious, therefore go let your crush know that you’ve been infected by his, thereby now lovestruck.😍

(Saving the best and most simple for last)

  • You are so handsome that you made me forget my pick-up line.

Did you forget your funny pick-up lines for him? Worry not, this will work like a charm every single time!

Finally, Just as African China sang:

😍🎼 If you love someone,

Walk up to am and tell am o..

It does no crime, no crime at all.

The above list has pick-up lines for every situation and mood, so next time you want to approach a guy, you know how to get talking.

With these lines in your purse, there will be no more awkward introductions and fumbling.

Have fun!


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