Office Romance: Yay or Nay?

“How it started and How it is going.”

Linda is a very efficient software programmer and developer. As a young entrepreneur, she devotes most of her time and attention into building a successful digital firm which is why she is at her desk most times working during late hours instead of engaging in other social activities like fellow bachelorettes do.

Getting involved in a relationship isn’t at the top of her list at the moment. At the end of her office is Jide’s office.

He is the Project Management Officer of the firm and he is good at what he does.

With good looks and a charisma that can take over any space, Jide is what you can call a ‘Yoruba Demon that goes to church’. Yeah… He is that good.

Plus, he is single and definitely ready to mingle with a like-minded person.

Fast forward to that very minute, Linda’s secretary, Adaora answered the call that will change their lives for good. It was a call from the Ministry of Science and technology, they informed Ada that their firm has been shortlisted among other top-rated firms in the country for the execution of a digital project that is worth millions of dollars.

Now, as pleasant as this news is, it also translates to more work-load for everyone in the office, especially Jide who has been waiting for a chance to prove his efficiency beyond doubting limits since he was employed a few months ago.

Linda on the other hand, is super excited for the breakthrough, although filled with anxiety. She knew that they all had to be at the top of their games for this one. To achieve efficient results more than before, she will be working closely with Jide, the project management officer.

Jide began to stay back at the office working together with his boss, Linda. As weeks passed, they grew fond of each other and they engaged in long chats as they both worked late into the night.

There was this eventful night that he bought two food packs for them to eat since they will both spend the entire night working on a document which is very crucial to the project execution. Linda was touched by this simple act of courtesy and she offered to share a drink with him. They talked as they ate and they found out they had quite a number things and experiences in common. Their conversation got intimate and Jide initiated a kiss.

After some minutes, they drew away from each other and continued working. The following nights of working together even fueled their intimacy. Linda and Jide unknowingly slipped into an office romance and were oblivious to the piercing eyes of other co-workers which lurked around them. Weeks rolled by, and finally, the project was successfully executed and everything began to fall into normalcy but the relationship between Linda and Jide blossomed until Mrs Jackson walked in one fateful afternoon to remind Linda about the Office Romance policies they both drafted into the firm’s constitution a few years ago which places a ban on relationships between superiors and subordinates.

Mrs Jackson also dropped a letter on Jide’s desk concerning the subject. After reading the letter he found himself in a fix, finding it hard to choose between his job and his new found love. Linda on the other hand, couldn’t decide if she should stand by the company’s policies on relationships as a good boss that she wants to be or do otherwise and continue her relationship with Jide in the office.

Now, the question is this – What is your take on “ No intimate relationship within team members?

Written by: Rejoice Orjiene

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