Conflict resolution in relationships

When you get to know someone, you are in love and you hope to have a stress-free relationship. The first argument in a relationship happens, reality kicks in and any fantasies you’ve had about the perfect relationship burns up in no time.
Fighting is an inevitable part of any relationship. Your partner is someone you just met, you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know how to react and vice versa.
What you need to know is that the first fight in a relationship is vital to your future as a couple. Determine the direction of the rest of the relationship, how he would deal with difficult situations, and establish ground rules for any future conflicts  and how you will manage in the future.
If you feel stuck after your first fight, here are some steps to get through it smoothly:

One of the biggest mistakes most couples make when they first fight in a relationship is overreacting and panic. It is natural that the two of you will not be happy because you are arguing, but be careful not to get carried away and not take things too emotionally. Do your best not to over-dramatize and over-analyze everything.

Communication is key. Tell them how you feel and be vulnerable. We all know the honeymoon phase can’t last forever, so don’t be afraid to take your mask off. Relationship without both partners being ready to express their feelings, wishes, fears and insecurities.

Don’t hold grudges:
The worst thing you can do in your first fight is mention things that bothered you a long time ago that you never had the courage to say to the other. Air your grievances;  don’t be quiet.

This way, you can make room for new memories by “erasing” the ones you don’t like.

Learn to compromise and be considerate about your partner’s wants too. This would help create a balance and discover exciting memories together. Remember, this doesn’t mean the relationship will end. Solve it, talk about it.

Cheers to better relationships!

By: Omolewami

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