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    Tosin Aregbesola

    Toke & Femi were college sweet hearts who dated all through college.
    Toke, the only daughter of an oil tycoon never lacked anything all through school, while Femi on the other hand is the 1st born of 5 children from a lower middle class family. The implication was he barely had enough to live by all through college. While dating in college, they were so crazy in love that they almost nothing could come in between them.
    Now 5 years post college, they are well married (with good cushy jobs).
    The thing is, the difference in their financial opinions is now becoming more glaring as they both view different things as ‘essentials’ & ‘luxurious’.
    This brings me to the question,
    Can birth order (1st born, middle child, 1st daughter, e.t.c) play an important role in the relationships? Or is this just a myth?


    Dating a Last borns is serious work, its like babysitting😂
    While Dating a first born gives you the responsibility mentality, cos you might have to feed a lot of mouths

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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