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      In need of relationship advice? Look no further. This platform has been created to share relationship tips & advice to get your relationship running smoothly
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      Can both halves of a couple pursue equally important careers or must one partner’s work always takes priority over the other’s? Ever thought of how to find that balance between relationship & career? If your partner believes in your goals & encourages you to achieve everything in your professional life, you are actually most likely to succeed in your career. Having the right support in your relationship has a way of influencing & advancing your career to achieve your goals quicker.
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      This is where our forum rules and important announcements are made! Please read our rules and terms carefully before registering. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we're all ears.
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      How does my choice of partner help in meeting/keeping my health/fitness goals? With my genotype/blood group, which kind of person should I consider dating or friend-zoning? What are the health goals my partner & I can achieve together? Am I emotionally stable enough to get into a relationship? These are some of the kind of discussions to be found in this space.
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