Can A Dating App Give A Long Lasting Relationship?

The beginning of Happily ever after

With the advancement of technology, solutions are being procured to numerous problems around the world including the problem faced by a lot of young adults who are finding the right man/woman for a long-lasting relationship. Thankfully, dating apps have been created as solutions to this popular challenge as it allows people to meet potential love soul mates. Although, a lot of people from this part of our world have this misconception that dating apps are just for people who just want casual relationships or hookups and not for those who would rather want a long-lasting relationship or true love. However, the rising number of marriages between people who got matched online has proven this ideology wrong. If random people who met on social media can build up a relationship up to marriage level, then how many more people who met on a dating app that has been specially designed to bring two soul mates together forever?

If you are of the school of thought that long-lasting relationships can’t be made possible on dating apps, then you need to read Uche and Susan’s story.

“Men are scum!”, Susan muttered as she laid under her bedsheets in her large-sized bed reminiscing about the years she spent with her college-boyfriend who after seven years of dating ended up in bed with his neighbor’s maid. Things got worse after she learnt that the maid had been impregnated by her so-called boyfriend. This is someone she has loved all these years only to be repaid by utmost disrespect and disloyalty.

Uche at 28 just added a Ph.D. in Data Science to his numerous educational and career achievements. His family threw a mini-party to celebrate his recent achievement, his mother particularly invited the few people she recognized as his friends including Loveth, his classmate during high school days. Loveth is now a successful businesswoman having a couple of food outlets on the Mainland and Island in Lagos. Uche’s  Mother who can’t wait to see her son getting married soon succeeded in setting Uche and Loveth up for a conversation since she figured that her son will not make the move. “Loveth is cool but she’s not my type”, Uche informed his mother only to spoil her dreams of the perfect marriage she has been planning in her fantasies.

Susan finally picked up her life, resumed back to work and lastly, grabbed her phone to install this dating app her friends will never stop talking about. Plus, the reviews online about the app are very convincing. She set up her profile, with the tag “Not ready for a serious relationship” boldly written on her bio. She sure isn’t ready to get her heart broken again, she has been bitten once, now she is thrice shy.    

Since Uche’s birthday, his mum has never stopped pestering him to get married, “ At least get yourself a girlfriend and prove my fears wrong.”, She begged him as she spoke to him on the phone. Uche was not going to allow his mum to continue this way he had to do something to keep her calm for a while he thought. Without thinking twice, he picked up his phone to install a dating app. He set up his profile with a random picture of him from his gallery and he stated his interests in the bio- 28, Data Scientist, Product Designer, Here to make Mama proud.

 Since Susan and Uche had some things in common, it was quite easy to get them matched on the app. The ordinariness of Uche’s profile picture caught her attention and without thinking, she decided to chat him up. Susan with her good sense of humor was able to start a conversation with Uche who was trying to be as polite as possible even though he couldn’t resist falling for the charm and warmth in her voice. They finally decided on a venue for their first date and that was the beginning of their relationship. You probably know the ending of the story. Susan was able to conquer her fears and insecurities, Uche on the other hand gradually came out of his shell, becoming that fun and loving boyfriend each passing day. They got engaged and got married months after their engagement.

Do not be a pessimist and think that Susan and Uche’s story ended well because they are major characters of a ‘story’.

Your love life can take that good turn you desire if you can just put your fears aside and explore the good side of life.

There is always that special someone that is meant for you regardless of where or when you met them.

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