6 Kinds of Compliments Men Would Love to Hear More Often

6 Kinds of Compliments Men Would Love to Hear More Often

A compliment is a fundamental part of a relationship; for building intimacy and mutual respect. This helps to assure your Betterhalf that they are loved, valued and respected.

You remember the positivity around you when a random person compliments that new hair, shoe, smell or that colourful shirt, you are amazed they took out time to notice the simplest details about you.

Everyone loves a compliment especially from their significant other. Men are not exempted from this, words of affirmations for your man would go a long way in telling him how much you love him. Reminding him you are constantly rooting for him.

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Here are six ways to make him feel like a man again.

His Efforts

A lot of men go through life feeling unappreciated, it is essential as his woman to express gratitude for all they do, expressing appreciation would inspire them to be the best they can for you. Recognize his hard work and the little things he does for you.

A wise woman once said over time, she had learnt to be appreciative of every of her man’s efforts. Whenever he goes out of his way to help buy things in the home like yams, pepper, groceries, she has conditioned herself to: 
1. Be very grateful and give voice to her feelings of gratitude (say thank you). 
2. Never ask for the price to know if he got them too expensive or otherwise as this is a sign of ingratitude and arrogance in itself

His Personality

A way to a man’s heart is a compliment on his personality. Yea, you heard right! A sincere compliment on his sense of humour and vibes would kindle a connection and he will take measures to work more on that part.
Every personality has its weakness, so take out time to appreciate the strengths in his temperament.

‘Babe, I love it when you are so assertive and in control especially in high pressure situations when most of us fall apart. Thanks for always being my rock!’
‘Darling, I see what you do when you quietly allow me to vent even when you don’t have the solutions to my problems. You are an amazing listener’

His Body

Appearance- related accolades would make him feel good about himself. Men like to hear that you find them attractive. A simple comment on his hygiene, skin, hair and general appearance is the absolute certainty he needs to keep him going.

‘Whenever you have this haircut, You always look so sharp that feel like I just fell in love with you all over again.’

His Charming Effect

Beyond finding him attractive, men also like to know if you have butterflies in your stomach anytime you are around them. By complementing on his appeal as a stable mate would seal the deal.

‘I find myself blushing around you (I thought they said blacks don’t blush).’
‘I feel so deeply connected to you.’

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Emotional Maturity

Telling a man he is emotionally mature would make him feel special especially for a man who has doubts about your feelings for him. Doing this would make you stand out from the crowd and have a marked effect.

‘You give the best advice. I feel like you always take every perspective into consideration’
‘Babe, I love it that you always try to be objective in your opinions no matter who is involved. You are truly no push-over.’
Telling a man he is emotionally mature would make him feel special especially for a man who has doubts about your feelings for him.

The’ Unconventional’ compliment

Actions speak louder than words! Therefore doing something that can’t be expressed with words is a great way of showing him you appreciate all the qualities he possesses, sacrifices he makes. This way you are subtly reminding him that you are meant for each other.
The simplest things like romantic gestures/getaway(s), allowing him to spend time without you, commit yourself to something that is important to him (or even learning something new for you which he loves). He will see the efforts you make and greatly appreciate.

Here’s to more positive warm-ups!!!

So which of these compliments would your man respond best to? Share your story in the comment section below.

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